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A wide variety of software is used to manage the entire supply chain and make it simpler and smoother. One of the most well-known is McLeod Software, a significant player in the industry since its creation over 35 years ago.   

The Mcleod Software company has created comprehensive proprietary transportation management software for trucking companies to streamline their processes using their knowledge and expertise in the industry. They always keep in mind the importance of the software’s capability to integrate with other complementary logistics tools for a better and faster supply chain.   

McLeod Sofware features  

Tracking freight is just one aspect of the entire process; there are many other elements to consider. With the McLeod software, companies have access to features like:  

  • Freight brokerage management  
  • Fleet management  
  • Documentation storage  
  • EDI  
  • Business process automations   

Significant benefits of using the McLeod Software  

Let’s discuss a few of the McLeod Software benefits: 

  • An intuitive platform  

McLeod Software was created to make everything simpler for the parties involved in the transportation industry. Therefore, the platform is easy to use and requires just a couple of hours of training to understand it completely. It includes all the required information for the process to become faster and more efficient, allowing companies to deliver their freight on time, with excellent customer service, and of the highest quality possible.   

  • Streamlined processes  

As all the information is stored in one place, the process becomes smoother. Finding information takes less time since it’s all centralized in one software, and it can be easily interchanged with logistics partners to create greater efficiencies. Having the information at hand also allows businesses to provide better services to clients since they’ll quickly visualize and deliver the information the client requires.   

  • Efficiency  

Having everything in one place also means that all the process parts are in one place, from the tracking element to status updates, documentation, billing, payables, and process closure. Completing the entire process in one place generates significant efficiencies, reduces error, and maintains order during every stage.   

  • Scalability  

Any good software must be able to scale depending on the company’s growth and needs. With McLeod Software, companies can quickly scale up if the business requires more freight to be tracked and includes additional features. Starting with any logistics software requires time and effort and a trusted partner who’s knowledgeable and experienced, who can make the onboarding process smooth and straightforward and explain the features and the software’s scalability.   

  • No surprises  

Seeing your shipment and having all the information in one place lets you know exactly what’s going on, where your trucks are, how many miles they have driven, and other helpful information that can help you make better and faster decisions. Suppose for some reason the truck will not meet the scheduled delivery time. In that case, you’ll be able to know beforehand and try to resolve the issue by finding an alternate route, or you’ll be able to communicate with the client and inform them of the new ETA.   

Having access to the information allows you to handle the business better and make informed decisions that benefit your overall performance.   

  • Higher driver retention   

Another significant benefit of the McLeod Software is that it allows you to increase driver retention rate since you’re able to see exactly what your drivers are doing and how many miles they’re driving; with this information in mind, you’ll be able to make decisions that actually benefit the drivers. You’ll be able to check the information on the platform weekly and compare miles and activity for each driver, which will give you a better understanding of their workload and their required downtime. Therefore, you’ll be able to help them with whatever they need and maintain their stability in your business.   

  • Continuous improvement   

Even though McLeod Software is not new, it’s always in a continuous improvement process. It can incorporate unique features that allow the platform to become faster and more efficient and include other components that benefit its users by leveraging its industry expertise.   

Being able to incorporate logistics Sofware is essential for companies within the transportation industry. Finding the right transportation management system can become a challenging task. Still, companies must search for trusted partners with years in the industry that provide comprehensive software to benefit their business.   

McLeod Sofware is a well-known logistics software that many shippers, carriers, and brokers trust and rely on due to its intuitive nature, complete visibility features, and all the benefits it brings to businesses.