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Refrigerated & Frozen Freight Transportation Experts

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Quick and Simple
Refrigerated Transport

Logistics Group International (LGI) specializes in refrigerated (reefer) freight arrangement shipping. With a network of 15,000 + carriers strategically positioned across the United States, LGI can quickly access its database of refrigerated freight & reefer carriers to get your frozen or chilled product to its destination on time and within budget. No givebacks allowed!

Our refrigerated
freight management services

We are a trusted provider of reefer 3PL services, always ensuring efficient, affordable, and dependable services throughout our entire logistics chain.

Some of our freight management services include:

Temperature control

Ambient and multi-temperature-controlled transportation services 

Support team

Team service for expedited transport of time-critical equipment at competitive rates.

Refrigerated Freight tracking

GPS tracking and real-time location updates 


Freight delivery

Door-to-door, dock-delivery, carry-in delivery, school delivery, store-front deliveries, and more.


Cross-border delivery

Cross-border logistics for shipping throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.



Comprehensive insurance for high-value loads.

Benefits of refrigerated
transport with LGI

Equipped with technologies to monitor humidity, temperature, and other factors, LGI cold-storage trailers offer practical product preservation on the go. All carriers are clean and free of dust and pests.

  • We ensure your frozen freight arrives on time and unspoiled!
  • Extensive carrier network.
  • 24/7 Tracking.
  • Expert knowledge.
  • Outstanding customer service.

Products that require refrigerated shipping

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