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As we continue to see significant growth and impressive development in logistics technology, trucking companies and truck drivers must understand which new software alternatives better fit their operations. Yes, we must all accept technology to stay competitive, but it’s not just about incorporating it because everyone else is doing it. It’s about understanding it and knowing how it can help each specific company so you can leverage its benefits.   

There are many moving parts within the transportation and logistics industry, but two of them that are essential are load tracking and freight matching. And what better way to take care of these vital tasks than with Trucker Tools.   

Trucker Tools is a smartphone app that’s widely used to track freight in real-time through GPS and take care of the freight matching process. It provides drivers and brokers with the logistics technology solutions they require to ship freight and access accurate information.   

Trucker Tools Best Features 

These are some of the best features you’ll gain access to with Trucker Tools.  

  • Finding loads easily  

By simply clicking on the Find Loads button and adjusting your preferences, you’ll be able to access great loads. You’ll have the option to see them on a map so you can pick and choose which one is better suited for you.   

  • Truck Stop guides  

With this helpful feature, you can search for available Truck Stops and know if there’s a spot for you. By simply entering your destination, you’ll find the Truck Stops located around your destination, and you can select the one that works best for your journey.   

  • Weigh scales  

This feature allows you to view the weigh scales that you’ll find during your journey. Also, you’ll be able to see if they are open or closed depending on when you’ll pass through them.   

  • Routing and fuel optimizer  

This feature allows you to choose the best routing for your journey and the cheapest fuel stations near you.   

Major Benefits of Logistics Technology: Trucker Tools 

Trying to figure out why you should use Trucker Tools? Here are some of the significant benefits of using Trucker Tools for your operations:  

  • Simplicity  

With the more than 17 features Trucker Tools has, you’ll be able to streamline your entire process and access the best loads in no time. With this intuitive app, you’ll find everything easily on your dashboard. From finding loads to tracking and optimizing your routes, everything is one click away. All you need to enter is your destination, and Trucker Tools takes care of the rest.   

  • Free  

Many apps have a free version for users to test out, but usually, they do not have many features and become useless. Trucker Tool’s free version is equipped with over 17 incredible features that will allow you to have a seamless experience when booking, tracking, and matching loads.   

  • Connection with the best brokers  

With the freight matching feature, drivers will have the chance to connect with the best brokers to transport their freight. This will help you create good work relationships with brokers, gain their trust, and transport more competitive loads for them. The app fosters over 165,000 carriers and 1.3 million drivers, meaning you’ll gain access to an entire transportation network.   

  • Save money  

Having the chance to choose your loads quickly and optimize your routes will provide you with better earnings since you’ll accept the loads you find more competitive and gain time through the route optimization feature. Also, you’ll save money with the fuel optimizer by knowing which are the cheapest fuel stations on your specific route.   


These are just some of the features and benefits of logistics technology like Trucker Tools. Diving into the technology world has become part of the new normality we live in, and that’s why trucking companies and truck drivers must find the best apps and software for their operation, which will depend on their specific needs and capabilities.