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Finding the right break-bulk carrier shipments

Affordable options for your transportation needs.

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At LGI, we take care of your break-bulk needs

Transport your over-dimensional freight through the perfect break-bulk carrier and obtain cost and time reductions. LGI provides custom break-bulk cargo shipping across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Benefits of finding your break-bulk carrier with LGI

Our vast experience handling over-dimensional freight and equipment has allowed us to create a seamless transportation process that ensures your delicate cargo arrives safely and on time. 

Equipment Assessment

We will recommend the proper equipment type for your break-bulk shipment based on cargo size, weight, access at site locations, cargo value, and delivery timeline.

Optimal Route Planning

Our logisticians will plan the optimal route for shipping that accommodates our client’s timeline.

Carrier Selection

LGI will coordinate with the break-bulk carriers to arrange an escort, obtain permits, order bucket trucks, and manage any customs processing needed.

Transportation Process Support

Our logisticians will provide support throughout the entire journey and arrange for any equipment needed to load or unload your cargo at pick-up
or delivery.

Common break-bulk cargo

  • Heavy and over-dimensional goods
  • Reels and rolls
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Steel girders
  • Structural steel
  • Hazmat
  • Construction materials and equipment
  • Vehicles

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