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Correct supply chain management is required to streamline processes and deliver the best services possible in today’s global environment. Therefore, software used in logistics has increased to make the process simpler and more efficient for every party involved.   

Throughout the years, software used in logistics has been perfected, and companies have invested in finding programs to manage their freight and their entire operation. The options are vast, and companies must find the best software suited for their business capabilities.   

Incorporating technology is a significant advancement that all companies should utilize, but it’s crucial to be informed beforehand and understand how these programs can benefit each company specifically.   

But before discussing the best software used in logistics, it’s essential to understand what logistics software is.   

What is transportation and logistics software?  

Transportation and logistics software are programs designed and created to help companies manage their freight movement. It includes various products and characteristics that allow companies to coordinate their cargo’s movements.   

Most of them are compatible with other software to simplify the process when working with logistics partners. Allowing every party involved to have clear information about the freight, which in turn will help the process run smoothly.   

What features does software used in logistics provide?  

Apart from tracking the shipment, software used in logistics can also be used for other purposes. These are just a few.   

  • Real-time tracking  
  • Status updates  
  • Storing documentation  
  • Preferred routes feature  
  • Freight matching  
  • Freight and shipping costs  
  • Payables  

So now that we have understood what logistics software is, why they are essential, and what additional features they have, let’s discuss the best software used in logistics.   

Top 5 best Sofware used in logistics   

  • Front Email  

Our email has become one of the most critical workflow tools; therefore, it must be organized and simple so that everything is where it should be, and clients receive the best possible service. For this purpose, partnering with a platform like Front becomes a necessity.   

Front is a customer communication platform that helps companies manage email, apps, and communications with teammates, all in one place. As we all know, emails are a fantastic way to communicate but they can pile up very quickly. Therefore, utilizing a platform for email management is crucial since it will maintain your inbox organized so that important emails are always attended to.   

Having a clean and organized inbox will up your customer game and allow your business to thrive. With Front Email, you’ll gain access to:  

  • An organized inbox  
  • Clear ownership of tasks  
  • Valuable reports and email analytics  
  • Ensure on-time email responses  
  • Provide personal support to your customers  
  • Enhance your customer service  
  1. Trucker Tools Load Track

Tracking your loads is an essential part of the entire transportation process, but it can quickly become tedious and time-consuming. Companies must search for the right partner to enhance their tracking process to maintain efficiency and reduce time spent on this task.   

Trucker Tools is one of the best-known platforms in the transportation industry. It provides predictive freight matching and load tracking, which allows your business to thrive and simplify its processes. One of the functionalities of the Trucker Tools app is load tracking. This solution will enable you to increase load visibility, reduce the number of check calls, and increase overall efficiency.   

Other notable features the load track tool provides are:  

  • Compliance  
  • Accuracy   
  • Real-time location  
  • Supports TL, LTL, and multi-stop operations  
  1. McLeod Software   

One of the significant pain points of companies within the transportation industry is having everything in one place. Since there are many parties involved, naturally, various companies provide essential information, and it can easily be lost along the way. Therefore, having a platform where you can centralize and manage all your information and necessary data is crucial.   

The Mcleod Software is proprietary transportation management software for trucking companies to streamline their processes. There are many moving parts in the transportation process, and McLeod Software helps manage them efficiently, delivering freight safely and on time.   

With the McLeod software (link to McLeod Blog), companies have access to features like:   

  • Freight brokerage management   
  • Fleet management   
  • Documentation storage   
  • EDI   
  • Business process automations    

The McLeod software allows companies to have complete visibility through an intuitive platform that provides and stores the required information for the entire process to flow seamlessly.   

  1. My Carrier Packets  

Onboarding your carrier partners and managing their required documentation does not have to be complicated. With MyCarrierPackets, this process becomes efficient and straightforward. Carriers must complete an online carrier packet where they’ll be able to enter their profile information, agree to contracts, and complete other required documentation. Once the process is complete, the platform notifies the FMCSA automatically.   

These are some of the benefits of using the MyCarrierPackets platform:  

  • Lower internal costs  
  • Simpler process  
  • Efficiencies  
  • Lower exposure to fraud  
  • Speeds up the onboarding and set up process  
  1. Newtrul  

Searching for the best loads may take a long time, and in many cases, they don’t turn out to be what was expected. There are many load boards out there that can help but make the task tedious. Finding the best partner to book loads is essential for increased profitability and efficiency.   

Newtrul provides an easy-to-use portal where you’ll be able to search for the best loads and quickly book them. One of its significant benefits is integrating with the company’s current technology, allowing the process to flow seamlessly. When the loads are booked, the information is transferred to the company’s software, decreasing the time spent on this task.   


For the transportation process to flow, companies must partner with knowledgeable and experienced partners that have created platforms or software based on their expertise. These platforms will help your process flow quickly and allow you to provide the best service possible by integrating top-notch technology.