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LGI arranges step deck trailers for your over-dimensional freight

We arrange step deck trailers for your oversized cargo shipping services. We transport step deck loads throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, working with an extensive network of experienced, professional carriers specializing in over-dimensional and oversize transport.

At LGI, we believe that planning is the key to successful cargo transport, and we have earned a reputation for meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Why is LGI one of the best step deck trucking companies to hire?

Avoid height permit issues

The step deck trailer dimensions were designed to allow oversized cargo to be placed lower than any other truck. Meaning, you’ll be able to transport loads up to 10’ high without any over- height permits.

Easier to handle

With step decks, you’ll be able to handle your freight easier and safer. Since step deck trailers are lower to the ground, the forklift operator won’t have to lift the cargo as much, making the entire process of loading and unloading easier.

Transport diverse cargo

Step-deck trailers can transport a wide range of heavy or over-dimensional freight and various types of heavy equipment.

Most common drop deck freight

Drilling rigs

Oil, gas, and petrochemical equipment

High-pressure vessels and storage tanks

Building materials and construction site supplies

 Compressor skids

Forging machines

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 Move your heavy freight safely with experienced step deck trucking companies.

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