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One of the biggest reasons companies in the transportation industry started using freight technology is to access complete real-time visibility for their freight. Transporting freight can become stressful, but when you have the proper tools that provide you with information to make you feel secure, you’re off to an incredible start.   

Visibility allows companies to know exactly where their shipment is but most importantly, it will provide accurate and reliable data to their clients. By using GPS-enabled platforms, you’ll provide ETAs based on the real-time information your platform is showing, which at the end of the day, helps clients know the freight’s time of arrival and make decisions considering this information.   

A leading platform in freight technology used for this specific purpose is FourKites, a supply chain visibility platform that provides predictive ETAs and real-time status for your shipment. 

FourKites Features  

Let’s get to know some of the best features this app has to offer.  

  • Intuitive interface  

The FourKites app can be configured depending on each user. It is easily set up, and you’ll have everything you need in your dashboard, one click away. From your dashboard, you can immediately see where your shipment is and when it will arrive. Your information is easily accessible in a matter of minutes.   

  • Multimodal shipments  

You’ll be able to see on your dashboard all your shipments: truckload, less than truckload, rail, ocean parcel, and air, everything in one place, which will give you the visibility you need.   

  • Customizable   

FourKites is entirely customizable. You can filter out the information you need, configure each specific element of your shipment, and be able to view your most critical shipment front and center on the dashboard.   

  • Downloadable data  

You’ll be able to download all the data you need if you’d like to work offline to analyze your shipments and make business decisions.   

  • Sharing data  

FourKites has the option to create a safe URL to share valuable information with your customers, even if they don’t have a FourKites login.   

  • Reporting analytics  

The app summarizes the entire information into easy-to-understand graphics that show your performance and can be shared with customers.   

Benefits of using freight technology: FourKites  

These are some of the benefits of using freight technology like FourKites.  

  • Agility  

With Fourkites, you’ll be able to have complete visibility of your shipment and obtain relevant information in a matter of minutes. Everything is seamlessly integrated into one place, so you don’t have to spend too much time searching through data. This will give you back the time and information you need to focus on making decisions to improve your business.   

  • Enhanced customer experience  

Having real-time data and providing it to your customer base will enhance their overall experience since they’ll gain access to a reliable source of information. This will allow your customers to have precise and actionable data.   

  • Enhance your business  

Using the accurate data FourKites provides, you’ll be able to see if things are working or if they’re not. Giving you the insights you need to create strategies to better your business and provide higher quality services for your customers.   

  • Integration   

The platform seamlessly integrates with many TMS’s to gather data and have everything in one place, which helps with organization and better and quicker access to critical information.   


FourKites is an incredible alternative for freight visibility. This freight technology provides you with accurate information about your shipment, providing reliable information and gaining insights into your business performance.