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As the demand for goods rises, the truck driver profession becomes increasingly necessary. More than 70% of the U.S. domestic freight shipments are transported by trucks, hence the need for qualified truck drivers ready to move freight across the United States.   

Here’s where things start to get complicated. The issue is that the demand for goods increases, but the number of truck drivers continues to drop, creating an imbalance that affects the entire supply chain.   

Why is there a truck driver shortage? 

Although many are currently talking about the truck driver shortage, it’s been happening for many years but has increased in visibility now due to the Covid-19 pandemic.   

There are many reasons for the driver shortage or a perceived lack of truck drivers. These are just a few: 

  • Inadequate truck allocation 
  • Increased demand for goods 
  • Unattractive incentives 
  • Low wages for truck drivers 
  • Lifestyle issues 
  • An overall negative perception of the career 

How to avoid the challenges of the truck driver shortage? 

Although this is not something new, it does require innovation and new ways of thinking to overcome the truck driver shortage and provide high-quality and timely services to the end-users. Let’s discuss some of the strategies to overcome industry disruptions.   

Trust the right logistics partner 

It is no secret that transporting goods safely, cost-effectively, and on time requires the helping hands of various parties. Therefore, one of the main elements to consider is your strategic partnership with a third-party logistics provider.   

With the right partner, you’ll be able to organize your shipment correctly, find suitable carriers for each specific load, and access complete accountability for your business.  

At Logistics Group International, we combine experience with exceptional freight management support to give your business the services it deserves to thrive within adversities. Our experience has allowed us to understand the industry’s nuances, which helps us make the best decisions for our customers’ overall success. 

Correct truck allocation 

Trusting the right partners for your logistics needs means you’ll be able to access industry expertise. Companies that know precisely how to plan out the entire shipment and find suitable carriers to ensure timely delivery. With a holistic view of your shipments, your logistics partners will coordinate the most efficient way to deliver the freight to its destination.   

Having trucks in the right place at the right time will allow your shipment to move faster and arrive at the required destination without hiccups.   

Trucking as an attractive career choice 

Choosing a suitable carrier is essential. Not just for cost purposes but also for their understanding of the industry and how they treat each of their truck drivers. Partnering with companies that take care of their truck drivers is crucial since you know that they will be as productive as possible and provide high-quality services.   

Increase incentives for truck drivers 

Companies are searching for ways to attract and retain truck drivers. One of the most efficient ways to do so is by increasing their incentives and understanding that truck driving is a stressful and lonely career choice.   

Increasing wages, increasing at-home time, investing in more comfortable trucks, and including shorter routes are just some of the incentives truck drivers are looking for, which could make the career much more attractive to newcomers and drivers thinking about exiting the workforce. 

Truck driver diversity 

Additionally, in the industry, it is known that there’s a low number of women truck drivers. It is essential to find companies that work with women and incentivize them to become part of the industry since they also provide incredible services and will help increase the number of drivers overall.   

As trucks become easier and more comfortable, women are a target audience for companies searching for more truck drivers. Considering the current shortage, companies must find a way to recruit and retain women and lead them on their path to becoming truck drivers.   


Working with a trusted logistics partner will allow you to find suitable carriers for each load without worrying about truck driver shortage. With LGI, you’ll access a vast carrier network, companies that worry about their drivers and can provide the capacity for your transportation needs.