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Want to know what’s one thing that can make or break your company’s success? Your network of freight transportation companies. The carriers you choose to work with will most definitely impact your customers’ entire experience with your organization. Therefore, searching for the right transportation company is essential. Without a reliable and robust network, your freight will not reach its destination.    

Even though cost reduction is a crucial part of your business strategy, partnering with a carrier based on how low their rates are will not determine your success. It may generate more significant issues if you hire a carrier because their rates are low, but they do not meet deadlines, leading to delays and increased costs.   

Why do you need a strong carrier network? 

These are the five essential reasons you must invest on a broad and reliable carrier network.  

  1. They ensure your freight is delivered.  
  2. Access complete reliability.  
  3. Flexibility and coverage. 
  4. Satisfied clients.  
  5. More business for your company

What to consider when choosing freight transportation companies?  

So, what should you consider when choosing the right transportation partner for your business? Here are five critical elements to help you during your selection process. 

  • Experience 

One of the key elements to a successful carrier relationship is their experience. Hiring a carrier that understands the industry and has experience working with different companies and freight will add to their reliability. Their level of expertise may also show how well they can adapt to customers, interact with various clients, and how they handle issues that arise during the transportation process.  

Considering a carrier’s experience will help you ensure the freight is transported safely and delivered on time. 

  • Specific capabilities 

Once you’ve understood your clients’ needs, you must find a carrier that fulfills them completely. This may require searching for a carrier that has specific capabilities.  

Ideally, you’ll find one transportation company covering various services. Still, if you do not, it’s essential to understand what types of services they provide and if they have those specific capabilities. 

  • Visibility through software 

Technology has made its way into our industry, and companies without it are falling behind. Therefore, finding a carrier with the right software tools is critical since they provide more efficiency and real-time monitoring of your freight.   

Carriers that incorporate technology into their processes make the entire transportation process easier to handle, avoiding possible issues and ensuring more agile workflows. 

  • Customer service 

Having open and fluid communication with your carriers is essential. You must be able to communicate with them during the entire process to resolve any issue along the way seamlessly. Higher levels of responsiveness ensure the process flows faster and the freight is delivered on time. 

  • Competitive rates and transparency 

Even though this is not the most critical part of the equation, it is crucial to consider the carrier’s rates and how they handle the entire billing process. It’s vital to have open and transparent communication about what is being charged to ensure there are no additional expenses along the way. Carriers must be transparent and clearly communicate their fees beforehand.  

At Logistics Group International, we understand the need for a vast carrier network. Therefore, during our years within the industry, we have built and nurtured a reliable freight transportation company network that meets our customers’ needs, has the experience, and understands the nuances of each type of transportation our clients require.