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How to grow your book of business in freight transportation

By February 23, 2023February 26th, 2024No Comments

Growing your book of business in freight transportation is critical. But first, what is a book of business? In short, it’s your client list. Therefore, growing it means accessing more business. Companies, especially in the transportation industry, must create growth opportunities constantly to stay competitive. But how to do so? 

Strategies to grow your book of business in freight transportation 

Let’s dive into some of the actionable strategies you can implement to grow your book of business. 

Gain New Customers 

Let’s start with the obvious one. To grow your book of business, you must gain new customers and look for more business. Sometimes, companies feel they have enough clients and stop prospecting, which can be risky. Instead, focus on always spending some time prospecting for new business. Make those phone calls and be consistent. Following up with your prospects is crucial. It’s not only one call that gets you the deal. Actually, most business deals require over 10 calls. Therefore, follow-ups are essential to any growing business. 

Nurture Current Customer 

Growing doesn’t just mean adding new customers but also nurturing your current ones. As you start a relationship with a client, you’ll care for specific areas for them. But once this relationship begins to grow, you’ll be able to provide new services or solutions for them. This means you’ll be creating new scopes of work, which is more business. The vital thing to consider here is what you can offer your current clients to make them want to continue doing business with you and open new service avenues. Become the one-stop shop your customers are looking for and ensure you continue growing and nurturing your book of business.   

Provide Unique Services 

Creating a unique service for your customers is vital in such a competitive industry as transportation and logistics. Being flexible and ensuring your clients get a solution to all their needs is one of the ways you can ensure they work with you instead of any other company. Be sure to keep your promises and deliver on what they expect. If something isn’t going, you should constantly communicate with them to keep them in the loop. Nothing is worse than not knowing what’s going on with your freight. These critical elements of your service will ensure you attract more clients and continue growing your business book. 

Grow your Own Business 

You must grow your own business to provide the unique services your clients are looking for. Expanding some of your services, hiring more talent, partnering with other service providers, and implementing technology into your processes will allow you to provide those top-tier services.  


Growing your book of business is all about finding ways to get new clients, nurture the ones you already have, be consistent, and grow your own business. Following these strategies will allow you to provide even better services for new clients and those you already have!