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The logistics industry is under tremendous pressure. We all know about it.   

During the beginning of 2022, supply chain disruptions had consumers waiting for months for their goods due to port congestion caused by inadequate truck allocation and manufacturing delays.   

As the market starts to level itself out, consumers expect change and don’t want to wait any longer. Therefore, they search for companies that deliver their goods within a couple of days.   

Many factors can affect the entire transportation process, like lack of communication, alignment, not having the right logistics partner, capacity issues, and the list goes on and on.  

Most of these aspects are external, but others are closer to home, like not having industry know-how and experience.  

Companies may further delay the entire process without expertise in the transportation and logistics fields. Without industry knowledge, companies do not know specific details like the best types of transport equipment for each load they must move.   

Let’s talk about this specific component for over-dimensional and refrigerated freight.    

Why should you know about the best types of transportation equipment? 

Simple. There’s no “one size fits all” in logistics. All loads are different, and many require special treatment.   

This is why carriers ask for specific information about your load. They need to know the characteristics of your shipment to know how to transport it safely.   

Knowing all these details will allow you or your logistics provider to plan the transportation process correctly and ensure they’re using the right equipment to deliver your freight on time and without damage. 

What are the best types of transportation equipment for OD and refrigerated freight? 

Over dimensional freight 

Oversized and heavy shipments present unique challenges. These loads exceed the standard legal size or weight limits on specific road portions, highways, bridges, or other areas where they can be transported.   

These dimensions and restrictions vary by State and depend on how the roads are configured. They will also require special labeling, permits, and in some cases, pilot cars.  

Generally, loads are considered over dimensional when they’re over 8’-6” wide or 13’-6” high, and their gross weight is over 80,000 lbs.   

Usually, these loads will require specialized trailers and equipment such as:    

  • Flatbed 
  • Step deck 
  • RGN 
  • Lowboys 
  • Multi axle 
  • Double drop 

At LGI, we have project managers who are experts in managing challenging projects that involve oversized loads. No matter your cargo’s size or weight, we have the experience and a proven track record of success to ensure your project comes in on time, without damage, and within budget. 

Refrigerated transportation 

Refrigerated transportation can be complex. It usually involves fresh produce or pharma products that require a specific temperature to be preserved and unspoiled.  

This type of transportation requires careful planning, effective communication, and a vast network of carriers with access to the right equipment. Depending on the type of delicate freight you’re transporting, you may choose from the following: 

  • Closed reefer container: It’s the most common type. It is made of one piece with an integrated heating and cooling unit.   
  • Modified/ Controlled Atmosphere (MA/CA) reefer containers: These are more specialized containers with advanced technology. These control the atmosphere of the container by regulating oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen levels.   
  • Automatic Fresh Air Management Containers: These are commonly known as AFAM reefers. They automatically replace the air inside of the trailer with the air from the surrounding environment.  

With a network of 11,000 plus carriers strategically positioned across the United States, LGI can quickly access its database of reefer carriers to get your frozen or chilled product to its destination.   


As the premier third-party logistics provider, our team is dedicated to managing the safe and efficient movement of large equipment and temperature-controlled cargo. We work with you to plan every detail of your shipment. We pride ourselves on our customer-centric focus and no-give-back policy, which results in guaranteed service.  

Want to ensure your freight is being transported with the right equipment? Start working with LGI!