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As logistics 4.0 (link to the first blog) becomes the new normality, companies within the industry are driven to implement freight transportation technologies to enhance their performance, increase efficiency, and stay competitive.   

Benefits of freight transportation technologies  

Many benefits come with the use of freight transportation technologies; let’s discuss a few:  

  • Platform integration  

Companies usually have many methods of communication and data dispersed in each one. With freight transportation technologies, companies can integrate all these platforms into one and have all their data centralized. This will allow them to be faster, avoid mistakes from lack of information, and increase productivity from not searching for data through various platforms.   

On the other hand, most companies are migrating to the digital world and implementing technology into their processes at different scales. Therefore, companies that do not implement software to their operations will not connect with those who do, creating a roadblock within the relationship.  

  • Scalability  

Starting with new technologies can be intimidating and complex. But the good thing about the digitalization of the supply chain is that you can either go all out or start small and build your way to a more technological environment. Either way, you’ll be able to see results quickly and continue scaling to improve your internal processes. Depending on your company’s size, you can start with automating specific tasks, implementing a TMS, integrating platforms, and many other smaller digitalization processes.   

Afterward, you’ll continue with a complete shift to a more digital experience where you become more efficient, reduce overall costs, and become more strategic and efficient in your operational processes.  

  • Visibility  

One of the essential benefits of digitalizing logistics is the visibility companies now have access to. Knowing exactly where your freight is, and the precise time it will arrive to its destination brings impressive results and increases customer satisfaction. Having all the information you need on your screen and with a touch of a button allows you to become more efficient and avoid issues that may arise along the way.   

Visibility is not just important during the transportation process, it can also provide insight on how the entire process is working, allowing businesses to make better decisions and target the areas where improvement is required.   

  • Customer satisfaction  

As mentioned before, having a complete overview of your process gives you the data you require to provide informed notifications to your clients that will help them have clear expectations. When you give your clients the correct information and meet the established timelines, you give them the reliability they’re searching for in a transportation partner. And having satisfied clients that trust you will increase the chances of them working with you again.   

  • Business insights  

Having access to all this data allows companies to comprehend their business further and know where adjustments can be made to improve the entire process. Programming your software to deliver daily or weekly custom reports will help you understand what’s working, what’s not, and how you can decrease inefficiencies. These essential business insights will provide you with the information you need to make better and more strategic decisions for your company based on data.   


Nowadays, it’s essential companies learn about technologies that are driving the logistics industry, how they can benefit their business, and how they can implement them depending on their business-specific needs. By starting with digitalizing parts of your business, you’ll be able to see results quickly, improve overall efficiency, and create relationships based on reliability and trust with your customers.