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John Rivers is a visionary and an astute leader. But more importantly, he embodies a servant leader with over fifteen years of experience in the logistics industry. A graduate of Michigan State, where he holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, the serial entrepreneur has gone on to help several businesses in the logistics sector grow their revenue while helping ensure seamless logistics operations for the customers. Now, he brings that innate logistics understanding and a wealth of experience to the helm of LGI leadership as CEO.

The Foundation of Servant Leadership at LGI

Servant leadership, a people-first approach, is the cornerstone of LGI’s success. Unlike many leaders who seek personal glory, our focus is on the team and customers. This core aspect of our leadership and corporate culture has driven our success over two decades.

Throughout his career, Rivers has always focused on people and relationships. This has allowed him to be successful in an industry as volatile as freight and trucking. With a culture like LGI, he would have the best landing spot and an opportunity to do what he does best — help the people at LGI grow in tandem with the business operations.

Strengthening the LGI Sales Team

At LGI, our core value is to treat our internal personnel with the same respect and dedication as our customers. We understand the unique roles of each staff member and strive to provide the best support. For instance, our sales professionals are relieved of back-office duties, allowing them to focus solely on building their business.

But it doesn’t stop there. We also equip sales professionals with the necessary technology to succeed in a rigorous industry. Our state-of-the-art tech stack provides the tools for effective and efficient freight brokering.

Rivers has enjoyed success across several transportation industry leaders like Summit Eleven Inc., Gulf Relay, and Coyote Logistics.  He has done this across several high-profile positions where he consistently delivered growth and built strong teams. As CEO, he intends to leverage that experience and knowledge to drive growth for LGI’s clients and team members.

Rivers said he will focus on bringing in courageous, growth-minded sales professionals ready to take their careers and the entire LGI company to the next level. “To run and grow, a company cannot operate from a place of fear,” Rivers says.

Navigating Current Freight Market Challenges

It’s no secret that the trucking industry is experiencing a period of turbulence. Carriers continue to face the challenges of a volatile economy and adverse scenarios brought on by the pandemic, civil protests, rising inflation, high fuel prices, catastrophic weather events, an ever-increasing regulatory burden, a significant freight market slowdown, and plummeting rates. Because of these challenges, many carriers, including Yellow, Celadon, Lime, and Dillion, have had to shut down in the past few years.

With the current change in leadership and a robust logistical operation, LGI is in a prime position to continue weathering the storm through resilience. The company prioritizes customer satisfaction, and its track record in the last twenty years has kept it firmly in the driver’s seat. LGI is not going anywhere.

LGI’s Longevity and Market Presence

What began with a small home office in Houston, Texas, LGI has gone on to become one of the leading truck brokers in the country today. The company has been successful for close to 22 years. Our experience within the transportation and logistics industry has allowed us to become a trusted and valued third-party logistics provider for over 1,500 companies and counting. 

River said a priority will be bolstering an already robust sales team to build upon the solid foundation established over more than two decades of successful transportation operations.

Two Decades and Counting: The Impact of Strategic Leadership

Logistics Group International is a third-party logistics provider with decades of experience in managing freight across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Through our vast carrier network, we safely transport freight, considering every detail along the way to ensure on-time delivery. With our extensive experience within the logistics industry and vast carrier network, we can provide a streamlined process for managing multiple modes of transportation. Request a quote today.