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Even though things are starting to slowly go back to normal, we are still experiencing many supply chain issues that disrupt the industry. Labor shortages, the ripple effect of the pandemic, and unavailable equipment are just some of the challenges we’re currently facing.  

As third-party logistics providers, we help companies within the industry overcome these bottlenecks through our knowledge and expertise.   

Overcoming supply chain issues 

With our years working with companies within the industry, we have understood the challenges they face, and we have become experts in overcoming them.   

Even though the pandemic was a new scenario for most, knowing how the industry works kept us ahead.  Having years of experience allows us to know exactly what to do during challenging times and has provided us with:   

  • Extensive industry knowledge  

Knowing the ins and outs of the industry, the market’s dynamic, and all the small details that ensure freight transportation excellence allows us to provide the best services to our clients. Additionally, it’s essential to understand how the industry is changing, be on top of the trends, and know how to implement them in each company’s operation.   

  • Vast network   

Having a strategic partnership with companies within the industry, especially with carriers, helps us pinpoint the challenges they are facing and the way each of them is operating to overcome them. This valuable information gives us insight into handling capacity issues and other industry bottlenecks.   

  • Benchmarking capabilities  

With our years in the industry, we have analyzed the companies that have emerged, what they have accomplished, and if they have succeeded or failed. Seeing how they’ve handled their business gives us specific learning points that help us apply the best strategies in our own business.   

  • Adaptability  

Having the knowledge, the experience, and the right partners helps us become more flexible and adapt quickly to any fluctuations in the market. We can constantly change our processes and use the right partners to obtain the capacity our clients need at the right price for their specific cargo type.   

Understanding the new dynamics of our market and our consumers and being able to implement strategies to stay ahead of the curve is essential, especially during these unprecedented times.   


At LGI, we are eager to help your business overcome supply chain issues. We transport your freight seamlessly and cost-effectively throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico with our years of experience, vast carrier network, and knowledge of the industry.   

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