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 The transportation and logistics industry has been plagued with disruptions since the pandemic hit back in 2020. Even though everything is starting to go back to normality, there are still many challenges companies are trying to overcome.  

As 2022 is coming to an end, most companies are trying to stay ahead and plan out their end of year strategies to ensure peak season doesn’t further affect their operations.  

Transportation industry challenges 

To create effective strategies, companies must prioritize those crucial challenges they must work on to ensure smooth operations during the following months. Let’s dive into some of the major challenges companies in the transportation industry are facing. 

Delivery times 

As the industry continues to be under great pressure, companies work hard to provide high-quality services and deliver customer’s goods on time. But considering the major delays and the lack of capacity, there are many still struggling to meet customer demands.  

To ensure your business stays on top of their game and avoids incurring delays, you must consider focusing on planning around the following barriers for on time delivery: 

  • Traffic conditions 
  • Visualizing weather conditions 
  • Being on top of fuel costs 
  • Maintaining your fleet  
  • Poor relationships with carriers 
  • Inappropriate routing  
  • Lack of experience 


Visibility goes hand in hand with providing on time delivery. Even though companies within the transportation industry are implementing software to create more efficient processes, they’re still falling short on integrating their systems with the customers’ software.  

Finding the right software company or partners that have the right tools is critical. As a logistics provider, you must be able to ensure your clients have complete visibility of their shipment and of the entire transportation process. Implementing a TMS that integrates all the moving parts of the business will help you overcome visibility challenges and provide better services. 


There are many companies joining the transportation and logistics industry, but not all have the required expertise or knowledge on specific types of transportation and how to overcome challenges. Companies within the industry must be able to thrive and power through these difficult times and the only way to do so is to understand how the industry works and how to make the most out of every situation.  

Creating strong alliances with companies with years in the industry will give you the reliability you need to provide top-notch services.  

At LGI, we focus on providing the best services possible and work hard to meet our customers’ demanding needs. Having a vast carrier network, over 30 years of experience, and great knowledge of how the industry works allows us to help companies within the transportation industry overcome challenges and meet their end of year goals.