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HOUSTON, TX – [June 4, 2024] – Logistics Group International (LGI), a leading provider in the logistics and freight industry, today announced the appointment of John Rivers as its new Chief Executive Officer. Rivers joins LGI with a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the logistics sector, bringing fresh leadership to an already dynamic team.

Rivers said he is eager to continue his career path with LGI due to the company’s unparalleled culture that rewards hard work and fosters growth for clients and team members alike. “Throughout my career, I’ve always focused on what truly matters – the people and the relationships we build. LGI exemplifies this philosophy by creating a business environment where the business and our team members grow in tandem,” he said.

At LGI, the focus is on bolstering an already robust sales team to build upon the solid foundation established over twenty-one years of successful transportation operations. With a commitment to mutual growth, LGI ensures that its sales professionals are not only well-supported but also positioned for growth. The company’s simple and lucrative commission plan, coupled with its state-of-the-art tech stack, sets the stage for sales professionals to hone their craft and accelerate their careers.

One of LGI’s core values is treating its internal personnel with the same respect and dedication as it does its customers. At LGI, sales professionals are free from back-office duties, allowing them to concentrate solely on building their business. This focus on support is further amplified by LGI’s peerless tech stack, providing sales professionals with the tools they need to broker freight effectively and efficiently.

“Agents can choose to broker freight anywhere, but they choose LGI because of the exceptional support and compensation they receive. Our technology and operational support are second to none,” Rivers added. “At LGI, we recognize the hard work of our sales team and strive to create an environment where they feel valued and empowered.”

Rivers brings a servant leadership approach to LGI, emphasizing courage and a growth mindset as key components for success. During his more than a decade of leadership in the transportation industry, Rivers has worked on behalf of a number of industry leaders, including Summit Eleven Inc., Gulf Relay, and Coyote Logistics. His experience spans across various roles, including Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Growth Officer, and Managing Director of Sales, where he consistently demonstrated his ability to drive growth and build strong teams. With bountiful experience throughout the transportation process, Rivers is poised to leverage his knowledge for growth and innovation on behalf of LGI’s clients and team-members.

“To run fast and grow, a company cannot operate from a place of fear. At LGI, we are committed to bringing in courageous, growth-minded sales professionals who are ready to take their careers to the next level,” Rivers said. “We are excited about the future and look forward to continuing our journey with a team of dedicated and passionate professionals.”

Stephen Day, the founder of LGI, expressed his excitement about the new leadership. “John brings a fresh perspective and a proven track record in the logistics industry. I am confident that his vision and leadership will drive LGI to new heights, building on the strong foundation we have established over the last twenty one years.”

In conjunction with Rivers’ appointment, LGI is excited to announce the promotion of Brandon Bay to Executive Vice President. Previously serving as Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Marketing, Bay will now support the CEO in overseeing brokerage sales, operations, marketing, and technology, all with a focus on continuing the long-term, sustainable growth that has enabled LGI to capitalize on a long history of successful operations. His extensive experience and strategic vision will be instrumental in driving LGI’s continued success and expansion. “I am incredibly honored to step into the role of Executive Vice President at LGI,” said Brandon Bay. “My focus will be on driving our brokerage sales, operations, marketing, and technology to new heights. With a commitment to innovation and growth, I aim to strengthen our strategic partnerships and ensure that LGI remains at the forefront of the logistics industry. Together with John Rivers and our exceptional team, we will continue to provide unparalleled support to our team members, our freight agents, and our clients.”

About Logistics Group International (LGI)

Logistics Group International (LGI) is a premier third-party logistics provider, offering a wide range of transportation solutions across North America. With a focus on building lasting relationships and delivering exceptional service, LGI is dedicated to supporting its sales team and customers alike.