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Even though the demand is decreasing compared to a couple of months ago, logistics companies still need to stay consistent and continue providing top-quality services for the supply chain to stabilize. One way to ensure stability and a constant stream of business is by implementing technology within your freight rate pricing process.   

At Logistics Group International, we work hard to maintain excellent service levels through our experience and vast carrier network. But we are also constantly searching for ways to innovate and generate added value for our customers and prospects.   

Even though we still rely on traditional methods, using software and analyzing data quickly gives us the ability to respond to market demands in record time and obtain more business. Using more conventional methods, like phone calls and emails, takes longer and potentially makes us miss out on other opportunities. 

The Greenscreens, TABi, LGI partnership for better freight rate pricing  

We have partnered with, a platform that uses historical data to provide predictive freight pricing recommendations for maximum broker margins, and Hubtek’s TABi, an automation platform and virtual assistant for the logistics and transportation industry. Through this partnership, we can quote as much freight as possible, stay consistent, and always be one step ahead. 

How does it work? 

In short, this is how it works. We utilize Neutral to access all our data and send it to Greenscreens.ia, through TABI’s API integration, we can quote loads in just a matter of seconds. We can adjust certain parameters to ensure the platform’s rates are suitable— like origin, destination, time, date, customer, equipment needed, and other requirements.  

Considering our fast-paced industry, creating a partnership like this ensures we provide freight quotes instantly, win more loads and more business and continue to grow and expand our client base. We can book 30-50 loads daily thanks to technology implementation and taking that leap of faith.   

Thanks to this implementation, we have utilized our time better and focused on other essential business areas like customer relationships. As the quoting is now done instantly through the platforms we are using, our agents are focused on having more meaningful conversations with clients and diligently handling any issues that arise during the transportation process.  


Staying ahead in a fast-paced market will ensure you obtain better business and add value to your customers. One of the best ways to do so is by implementing software that can provide speed to market.   

Want to know more about the partnership that helps us stay ahead? Watch the full video below! 

Case Study LGI + Greeenscreens.ia + Hubtek