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 One of the fundamental elements that determine success for freight broker companies is the relationships they can create while working with shippers and carriers. A strong relationship based on trust, accountability, and empathy between all the parties involved in the transportation process will ensure efficiency and better overall results.  

In an industry where there are many freight broker companies to choose from, it’s crucial to stand out and show added value to convince your clients to work with you. 

Simple Strategies for Freight Broker Companies to Build Solid Relationships with Shippers and Carriers 

There are different ways freight broker companies can stand out and build solid relationships with carriers and shippers; let’s talk about a few: 

Create trust. 

Every relationship, whether professional or personal, requires trust. But trust is not built from one day to another, and in some cases, it may take years. This is why freight broker companies need to work toward that goal since the beginning of the process.   

How to create trust with shippers and carriers? 

There are three vital elements to create trust in any relationship: 

  • Transparency. 

Setting clear expectations since the beginning of the working relationship is essential to avoid any issues during the process. If expectations are clear, there’s no room for doubts or hesitation, allowing freight brokers to be transparent. 

  • Accountability. 

In any process, there may be issues along the way. Many companies try to blame others and avoid accepting any mistakes. But it’s more important to take complete responsibility if anything goes wrong on your side while actively searching for and coming up with efficient solutions to offset the effects of the issues. 

  • Communication.  

Communication is vital in a relationship with carriers and shippers since they will always require status updates and the correct information to obtain security during the entire process. Instead of waiting for them to call or email, be readily available with information that they require and initiate communication as much as possible to avoid lacking details.   

Solving problems.  

Freight broker companies specialize in solving problems for shippers; since they understand the industry and have created solid relationships with carriers, they can provide outstanding services to solve any issue.   

Being the link between shippers and carriers means freight brokers understand what shippers need and know precisely how carriers can provide for them. With their vast networks of qualified carriers, they can find the right company to take on challenging situations or even delicate, time-sensitive freight. 


As freight brokers have extensive carrier networks, they can provide the right company for every shipper’s needs. Even if the freight is over-dimensional, hazmat, pharmaceuticals, frozen goods, or any other delicate cargo, freight brokers can find the carriers with the required equipment and vehicles to make the shipment happen safely and promptly. 

The right technology. 

Nowadays, clients expect their service provider to have and manage the right technology to make the process efficient and straightforward. Transportation management systems are a must since more and more companies are now migrating to the digital world. Starting small with a low-cost TMS that provides you with specific information is more strategic than going all out with complex systems that you don’t need.   

When your business starts moving forward, and you start to see tangible results, you’ll be able to invest in more advanced systems to automate your processes and become even more efficient.   

Find the right niche.  

Finding a niche is also very important since it allows your business to stay focused on one type of service and specialize in it. Even though it’s important to have variety within your business, having too much of it may prevent you from providing the best service you can.   

Suppose your business is specialized in specific cargo. In that case, companies searching for that type of transportation will find your business faster and trust you since you’ll are explicitly experienced in what they need. The right niche means you are interested in specific cargo, and you have access to the equipment and vehicles required to meet your clients’ needs.   


Finding the right freight broker to become a partner during the transportation process allows your business to be more efficient and get things done quicker. That’s why it’s essential for freight broker companies to build solid relationships with carriers and shippers based on trust and reliability. This way, shippers and carriers will work with freight brokers without hesitation and understanding their added value.