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How often have you heard the term “Gamification?” If your answer is never or not often, then that may be about to change.   

What is Gamification? Simply stated, it is a performance and technology-based rewards program that is implemented to increase employee retention and encourage employee – employer loyalty.  With driver turnover at 97%, Gamification is beginning to surface in the trucking industry. 

Refrigerated carrier C.R. ENGLAND, INC implemented one such program January 1, 2017. It is a point-based system modeled after the Delta Skymiles program. The program rewards drivers for compliant behavior including safety, on time performance, fuel efficiency and total drive hours. On the “leaderboard”, drivers can see their point totals vs. other drivers. Points are tracked by smartphones and tablets using a Mobile Enterprise Management software system (MEM). 

Minimizing fuel use, curbing harsh braking and speeding, and excessive idling are all behaviors that are tracked and scored. 

On the leaderboard, the drivers receive a score between 1-100. 

This develops a system that allows a company to be safer and more proactive instead of reactive. 

Competition is encouraged among drivers and has resulted in improved safety and an overall better bottom line.  

Companies can choose their own level of reward for their employees. Most choose $500 annually and drivers can choose their reward based on yearly performance. Stay Metrics, the “experts in driver retention” offers a Gamification program with a reward catalogue of over 40,000 items. Stay Metrics boasts a 14% increase in driver retention after a company implements their Gamification program. 

Overall, Gamification seems to be an effective way of establishing Fleet standards and rewarding exemplary behavior. As technology continues to evolve at lightning speed, Gamification programs can only improve. This is good news for those who choose to participate in these types of programs, and for the future of the trucking industry in North America.