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From towering wind turbine blades to hulking industrial machinery, the ability to move such massive cargo safely and efficiently relies on specialized transportation capabilities. Double drop shipping supports large-scale operations and infrastructure development. Industries ranging from energy production to construction, agriculture, and manufacturing rely on transporting oversized freight to keep their projects on track. 

Understanding double drop trailers and how they differ from other specialized transport methods is essential for those moving over-sized loads. It’s a world where every inch of space matters, and understanding over-dimensional freight’s intricacies becomes as crucial as the cargo itself. As we introduce you to the world of double drop shipping and the challenges of shipping over-dimensional freight, you’ll see why expertise is critical to this aspect of logistics. Join us on a journey through double drop shipping, the unsung hero of logistics that makes the impossible possible and routine.  

What is a Double Drop Trailer?

Characterized by its distinctive design, a double drop trailer solves the challenges posed by over-dimensional cargo, which simply won’t fit on a conventional flatbed due to its towering stature.

A double drop trailer has three levels: a raised front (also known as the front deck), a lower middle section (the well), and a raised rear (the rear deck). Double drop trailer dimensions allow the trailer to carry significantly taller loads within “the well” than standard trailers can accommodate. The “well” typically ranges from 25 to 29 feet long and as low as 18″ off the ground. This design enables carriers to transport cargo up to 12 feet high.

Comparison with Other Shipping Methods

To appreciate the advantages of double drop shipping, let’s briefly compare it to other open-deck shipping methods.

  • Flatbed Trailers – versatile for various materials but limited by height restrictions.
  • Step Deck Trailers – These offer a solution for cargo too tall for a flatbed, with a step down to provide additional vertical space.
  • Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN) – Similar to double drops, they have a low, middle section but a detachable front, creating a ramp for vehicles to drive onto the trailer.
  • Hotshot Trailers – Smaller, agile flatbeds designed for urgent deliveries, typically hauled by powerful pickup trucks.

Advantages of Double Drop Shipping

Choosing a double drop trailer for transporting oversized cargo offers several key benefits:

  • Height Accommodation: Transport very tall items, up to 12 feet in height, due to the lower well section.
  • Safety: The lower center of gravity provides enhanced stability during transport.
  • Versatility: The design includes front and rear decks for additional cargo space and is ideal for modular units, machinery, OD freight, crated cargo, oilfield equipment, and construction equipment.
  • Capacity: While not as heavy-duty as RGNs, double drops can carry up to 45,000 pounds, depending on axles.

When moving over-dimensional freight, selecting the best method of transport for your cargo is not just a logistical decision; it’s a strategic one. With the ability to extend and flip axles to balance weight, double drop decks offer the flexibility needed for a wide range of logistics requirements. 

When to Choose Double Drop Shipping

Moving large, tall, or otherwise over-dimensional loads is critical in sectors like construction materials, heavy machinery, oil and gas, agriculture, consumer goods, renewable energy, forestry, and telecommunications. Here’s how to determine when double drop shipping is the right choice for your freight needs:

  • Height Constraints – Double drop shipping becomes essential when cargo exceeds the height limitations of standard flatbeds or step deck trailers. 
  • Heavy Equipment – For items that combine height with significant weight, such as large construction machinery or industrial components, the double drop trailer’s sturdy construction and lower center of gravity ensure safe transit.
  • Irregularly Shaped Freight – Double drop shipping is adept at handling cargo that challenges vertical space and presents an irregular shape.

Cargo Types Suitable for Double Drop Transport

  • Construction Equipment: Bulldozers, cranes, and excavators 
  • Manufacturing Machinery: Large components used in manufacturing plants require careful handling and extra vertical space.
  • Energy Sector Loads: Wind turbine blades and large generators form the energy infrastructure’s backbone.
  • Agricultural Machinery: Harvesters, tractors, and combines

The Benefits of Double Drop Shipping

Opting for double drop shipping not only addresses the physical demands of transporting oversized cargo but also brings a suite of strategic advantages:

  • Cost Management – By matching the cargo with the most suitable transport method, you can avoid unnecessary costs like special permits, escorts, or extra handling.
  • Safety and Compliance – Shipping freight according to legal requirements minimizes the risk of accidents and non-compliance fines.
  • Timely Delivery – When you choose the appropriate equipment right from the start, cargo has a better chance of arriving at its destination on time. Plus, it helps minimize the need for unexpected adjustments along the way.

With experienced logistics providers like LGI, double drop shipping becomes a seamless part of your overall logistics strategy. With our vast carrier network, years of experience, and “no give back policy,” we manage even the most challenging loads with expertise and precision. Contact us today for a free quote and see how we can remove your oversized cargo challenges. 

Double Drop Shipping Comes with Significant Challenges

While double drop shipping is a vital solution for over-dimensional freight, it presents significant challenges that require expert handling and meticulous planning.

  • Loading Complexities: Loading onto a double drop trailer is more intricate than standard flatbeds. The cargo often requires special equipment like cranes or forklifts; sometimes, custom-built ramps are necessary. 
  • Route Planning and Height Clearance: Considering the height clearance of bridges and overpasses, which can vary significantly from one route to another, is essential. According to recent statistics, over 15,000 bridge collisions occur annually. The majority of these are overhead collisions.
  • Safety Considerations: The cargo’s size and weight can pose significant risks to the cargo, equipment, transport personnel, and general public. With so many bridges and highways reported to be in poor or mediocre condition, the structural stress from heavy loads requires careful assessment to prevent wear and tear or damage.
  • Capacity Availability: Unlike the more common dry van transport, double drop trailers are a specialized mode, and as such, capacity isn’t as readily available. Securing the right trailer for your freight needs foresight and often means working with logistics providers with the right connections and expertise.

In the face of these challenges, it’s clear that successful double drop shipping requires a logistics partner that brings more than just the right equipment. They must bring a depth of experience, a network of resources, and a commitment to safety that matches the scale of the cargo they’re transporting.

For Double Drop Shipping, the Right Provider is Key

Selecting the right logistics provider for double drop shipping is a critical decision that can significantly impact the success of transporting oversized freight. The unique challenges over-dimensional loads present require a transporter and a specialized partner who understands the nuances of this complex shipping process. A freight broker’s role becomes pivotal, bridging the gap between the shipper’s needs and carriers’ capabilities specializing in heavy and oversized transport.

Expertise in Over-Dimensional Freight

Freight brokers possess a detailed understanding of the regulations, equipment requirements, and handling necessities for over-dimensional freight. Their expertise ensures that each cargo is managed according to its specific needs, focusing on safety, efficiency, and compliance. The benefits of working with these experienced professionals are manifold. They anticipate and navigate the challenges of double drop shipping, from obtaining the necessary permits to executing precise loading and securing techniques, which are crucial for safely transporting oversized loads.

Extensive Carrier Network

A key advantage of partnering with a freight broker is their access to an extensive network of specialized carriers. This network provides a breadth of options for shippers, ensuring that the right equipment and expertise are always available to meet the demands of any oversized shipment. The ability to choose from a range of carriers means that shippers can leverage competitive pricing and service offerings, enhancing their ability to transport oversized or irregularly shaped cargo efficiently and cost-effectively.

Efficient Route Planning and Cost Optimization

Freight brokers excel in route planning and implementing cost-effective solutions for double drop shipping. They meticulously analyze each shipment’s requirements, considering cargo dimensions, weight, destination, and potential road restrictions to identify the most efficient transport routes. Freight brokers can significantly reduce transportation costs for shippers by optimizing the logistics involved in transporting oversized loads

Traversing Double Drop Shipping with LGI

The right logistics provider plays a crucial role in successfully executing double drop shipping. Their extensive knowledge, carrier networks, and ability to plan and optimize routes make freight brokers invaluable partners in managing the complexities of over-dimensional freight transport. To effectively navigate these challenges, shippers must collaborate with a freight broker like LGI to ensure they handle their oversized shipments with the necessary expertise and attention.

LGI’s specific services extend beyond mere transportation. We provide comprehensive logistics solutions that include:

  • Expert handling of oversized and heavy loads
  • Access to specialized double drop trailers for various cargo types
  • Strategic route planning to navigate height restrictions and ensure timely delivery
  • A “no give back policy” that guarantees the reliability of our service offerings

Contact LGI today for a free quote, and let us show you how we can turn your logistical challenges into a streamlined, cost-effective process. With LGI, you’re not just booking a quote—you’re securing a logistics partnership that elevates your shipping strategy to new heights.