LGI is uniquely qualified to manage your cargo transportation needs. We are experienced and expert in handling oversize, over-dimensional cargo. 

Our team understands the requirements of shipping oversize cargo – from escorting, permits, planning routes, handling international shipping. We have developed a network of professional, experienced carriers that meet our stringent standards.

Planning is Key

LGI’s logistical team is experienced, dedicated, and expert in the requirements of safely moving and transporting large equipment, cargo, and freight. We work with you to plan every detail of the transport:

  • Surveying your site to ensure that we have the proper lifting and rigging equipment to load and secure over-dimensional cargo
  • Planning the optimal route and obtaining all necessary permits for the trip
  • Selecting the proper equipment to transport your cargo from our network of 11,000 carriers
  • Coordinating support services, such as escorts and bucket trucks to handle the utility work necessary during the transport of over-height and oversize freight
  • Managing any customs documentation and working with custom brokers to expedite your shipment across borders
  • Tracking and monitoring your shipments progress
  • Ensuring that we have the proper lifting equipment at the delivery point to safely unload your cargo

Proper execution of these services is key and can mean the difference between success and liquated damages.

If It’s Large…

LGI specializes in transporting large, heavy haul and specialty cargo. We’ve developed a network of professional carriers that share our standards and provide the highest level of service. We are proud of our reputation for reliable, on-time, and on-budget transport throughout North America. 

We look forward to handling your heavy haul transport.