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Video Gallery

Heavy Haul - Houston, TX to Chareston, TN

Compressor Haul - Texas to Indiana

19-Axle Ground Transport - Michigan to Juarez, Mexico

Rail Transport - Wisconsin to Buenaventura, Colombia

Over the Road Transport - Port of Houston

Overdimensional Compressor Move - Sweeny, TX to Torreon, Coahuila Mexco

Substations Transport on Triple Axle Stepdeck

Substation Transport on 22 Axle Dual Lane Transporter

Dual Lane Transporter Move - Katy, TX to Carthage, TX

Heat Exchanger Transport - Tulsa, OK to Port of Houston

31.6 Wide Superload on 20 Axle Dual Lane Trailer

Tank Transport - 19 Axle Dolie System - Katy, TX to Collbran, CO

Modular Structure Move - Houston, TX to Ashland, KS

Oversize Vessel Move - 13 Axle Perimeter Frame Trailer - Texas to Ohio

Compressor Skid Haul - Houston, TX to New Brunswick

Lockheed Marting Aerostat - Frederica, DE to Akron, OH

(2) Locomotives Move by Rail - Mount Vernon, IL to Port of Houston

Pemex Oil Rig Transport - Damaged from Hurricane Katrina

Specialty Transport - Cuban Refugee Plane - Key West, FL to Miami, FL

Paper Mill Plant Relocation - California to Louisiana

Specialty Move - Vatican Exhibit - San Antonio, TX to Montreal, QC

Specialty Move - Princess Diana Exhibit - Houston, TX to Dayton, OH

Specialty Move - David Copperfield World Tour - Dallas, TX / Mexico City / York, PA

Schlumberger Forging Machines - Houston, TX to Bedford Park, IL

Jet Engine Move - Continental Airlines

Natco Vessel Transport - New Iberia, LA to Port of Houston

Cable Tank Move - Port of Houston to LGI Storage Yard

Gas Turbine Transport - Houston, TX to New York City, NY

Titanic Treasures of the Deep U.S. Artifacts Tour - 21 Cities

$1.4 Million Substation Move - Houston, TX to Maui, HI

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