Mexico Flatbed Freight Shipping

As one of the most experienced international flatbed carrier companies in the United States, Logistics Group International (LGI) specializes in flatbed freight shipping of heavy industrial cargo and equipment into and out of Mexico. Flatbed trailers are commonly used for large industrial transport between Mexico and the United States because flatbeds can be loaded and unloaded manually or by crane from multiple directions that will come in handy at destinations without loading docks and help make up for lost time spent at the US / Mexico border crossing. After detailed logistical planning based on your custom Mexico shipping needs, our team of Mexico flatbed trucking specialists will keep your industrial cargo moving seamlessly through all major USA and Mexico transportation gateways within and across USA and Mexico borders.

Mexico Flatbed Trucking Equipment

As a leading third party logistics provider for large flatbed freight shipping in and out of Mexico, Logistics Group International offers a variety of flatbed trailer equipment to choose from including 3 axle flatbed, extendable flatbed, and 3 axle extendable flatbed trailer options seen in the table below:

Available Flatbed Equipment Average Legal Acceptable Weights Average Legal Acceptable Dimensions
mexico flatbed shipping 45K - 48K Length: 45' - 53'
Width: 8' 6"
Height: Up to 8' 6"
mexico 3 axle flatbed shipping 43K - 45K Length: 45' - 53'
Width: 8' 6"
Height: Up to 8' 6"
mexico extendable flatbed shipping 40K - 42K Length: 45' - 115'
Width: 8' 6"
Height: Up to 8' 6"
mexico 3 axle extendable flatbed shipping 38K - 40K Length: 45' - 94'
Width: 8' 6"
Height: Up to 8' 6"

USA / Mexico Transport Gateways for Flatbed Trucking

Headquartered in Houston, Texas LGI serve a range of industries including oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, manufacturing, mining, and construction. Our experience as a freight forwarder managing shipments throughout Mexico make us uniquely qualified to provide the logistics for your flatbed cargo transport into and out of Mexico and within Mexico through all of the major transportation gateways.

  • Columbus, NM / Palomas, CHIH
  • McAllen (Hidalgo), TX / Reynosa, TAMPS
  • Nogales, AZ / Nogales, SON
  • Douglas, AZ / Agua Prieta, SON
  • El Paso, TX / Ciudad Juarez, CHIH
  • Eagle Pass, TX / Piedras Negras, COAH
  • Laredo, TX / Nuevo Laredo, TAMPS
  • Brownsville, TX / Matamoros, TAMPS
  • Laredo, TX / Colombia, NL
  • San Diego, CA / Tijuana, BCN