Texas Heavy Haul Trucking

texas heavy haul

Based in Houston, TX, Logistics Group International (LGI) is a premier third-party logistics provider with decades of experience managing flatbed, heavy haul and oversize / over dimensional transportation in Texas. Through our network of 11,000 carriers, we serve a range of industries including:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Power Generation
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Construction

LGI has earned a reputation for providing reliable, on-time, and on-budget transportation services for large, heavy machinery, equipment, and cargo in Texas. We work with a vast network of heavy haul trucking companies in Texas so that we can provide you with the perfect match for your heavy haul trucking needs throughout this great state.

LGI is a proven heavy-haul logistics expert with a track record of delivering reliable, cost-effective results for demanding clients in Texas. Our logisticians will work with both the best trucking companies in Texas and your team to provide comprehensive plans for the shipment, from pick-up through delivery. We manage all aspects of the shipment, from selecting the proper equipment for your cargo, to planning the best route, and ensuring that any permits or escorts are obtained early to avoid costly delays.

Texas Heavy Haul Trucking Services

  • Over 11,000 professional carrier partners with proven capability, premium insurance coverage, and superior Department of Transportation safety records
  • Access to the industry’s most modern fleets of specialized heavy hauling equipment, including flatbed, step deck, double-drop, multi-axle, perimeter beam frame, and dual lane trailers, dolly systems, and self-propelled modular transport (SPMT)
  • Responsive attention to all transport details, including permitting, customs, project management, and arrangement of escort vehicles
  • Door-to-door transport throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada
  • Emergency shipping of mission-critical equipment and assets
  • GPS-enabled tracking that keeps you updated and assures the secure and timely arrival of the heaviest, most oversized cargo

To request a quote, or to speak to a logistician about your Texas transportation needs, call 713.543.8713 now.