Step Deck Trucking

step deck truck shippingLogistics Group International (LGI), a leading third-party logistics provider, provides step deck (drop deck) trailers for oversize and over-height cargo shipping and freight services. The use of step deck trucks for freight shipping allows for your loads up to 10’ high to ship without having to order over height permits. We transport step deck loads throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, working with an extensive network of experienced, professional carriers that specialize in over-dimensional and oversize transport. Our team of qualified logisticians manages and monitors your shipment, ensuring your cargo’s safe and timely delivery at competitive prices.  

LGI's experienced staff will determine if your loaded cargo height will require the use of a step deck/drop deck trailer. In addition, 95% of all drivers pulling step deck trailers carry with them a full set of drop tarps to keep water and road grime from damaging cargo with electronics or new machinery that is freshly painted, ensuring your cargo will arrive in good condition.  

Step Deck Trailer Dimensions & Weights

Available Step Deck Trailers Average Legal Acceptable Weights Average Legal Acceptable Dimensions

Step Deck (Drop Deck) Trailer

step deck trailer haul
43K - 46K Bottom Deck
Length: 37' - 43'
Width: 8' 6"
Height: Up to 10' 6"

3 Axle Step Deck Trailer

3 axle step deck shipping
40K - 43K Bottom Deck
Length: 37' - 43'
Width: 8' 6"
Height: Up to 10' 6"

Extendable Trailer

extendable drop deck shipping
42K - 44K Bottom Deck
Length: 38' - 61'
Width: 8' 6"
Height: Up to 10' 6"

3 Axle Extendable Step Deck Trailer

3 axle extendable step deck trailer
38K - 41K Bottom DeckLength: 38' - 68'
Width: 8' 6"
Height: Up to 10' 6"


Common Applications for Step Deck Trailers Transportation

  • Drilling rigs
  • Oil, gas, and petrochemical equipment
  • High-pressure vessels and storage tanks
  • Building materials and construction site supplies
  • Compressor skids
  • Forging machines

What is a Step Deck Truck?

A step deck truck is a specialized trailer that has a lowered deck to accommodate for a taller cargo height above 8'6" that a flatbed trailer wouldn't be able to. With a step deck trailer, the maximum height is raised an additional 20 inches to 10'2".

LGI’s network of over 11,000 professional carriers maintains the highest DOT safety ratings and substantial liability and cargo insurance. Our experienced staff will manage all the variables needed to ensure a smooth shipping and safe arrival of your cargo via a step deck truck, including customs management, pilot cars, bridge engineering, and curfews. We believe that planning is the key to the successful transport of cargo, and have earned the reputation for meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

To request a quote, or to speak to a logistician about your step deck freight shipping requirements, call 713.543.8713 now.