Refrigerated (Reefer) Freight Shipping

refrigerated truckingLogistics Group International (LGI) specializes in refrigerated (reefer) freight arrangement shipping. With a network of 15,000 plus carriers strategically positioned across the United States, LGI can quickly access its database of refrigerated freight & reefer carriers to get your frozen or chilled product to its final destination on time and within budget. No matter if your product requires chilled, frozen or some place in between, LGI can manage meeting a precise pickup and delivery schedule to keep your company operating efficiently and products moving.

Frozen & Chilled Cargo Service

Common refrigerated shipping includes, but is not limited to:

Benefits of Refrigerated Trucking

  • Protection: Due to the nature and sensitivity of the products being transported, the temperature controlled trailer is the greatest asset of refrigerated trucking. The trailer is insulated and better equipped to protect against damage from temperature changes and spoilage.
  • Variety: In addition to foods that require temperature control, reefer trucking can be used for many other products such as plants, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products.

Refrigerated Freight Management Services

  • GPS tracking & real-time locations updates
  • Door-to-door delivery and cross-border logistics for shipping throughout North America (U.S., Mexico, and Canada)
  • Dock-delivery, carry-in delivery, school delivery, store-front deliveries, and more
  • Complete logistic management of your shipment
  • Ambient and multi-temperature-controlled transportation services
  • Premium service at competitive rates
  • Comprehensive insurance for high-value loads
  • Team service for expedited transport of time-critical equipment

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