Transportation Logistics for Chemicals Industry

grey reefer truckShipping chemicals, heated liquids, liquid bulk and potentially hazardous materials demands the highest quality trucks, best drivers and premier logistics services. Logistics Group International (LGI) specializes in the unique transport of chemical related materials and products safely to and from anywhere in North America.

LGI works with a vast network of carriers providing refrigerated trucks and less than truckload (LTL) services to get your chemicals, heated liquids and liquid bulk products delivered smoothly and securely. All the carriers LGI partners with meet stringent standards for experience, professionalism and promptness in the transport of ISO tanks and bulk liquid transportation.

Chemical Transportation Logistics

After selecting the right carrier, LGI expertly and efficiently manages all aspects of transporting your chemical shipments to and from anywhere in North America. LGI’s team:

  • Selects proper equipment to transport your equipment
  • Obtains necessary permits
  • Coordinates support services, such as escorts and bucket trucks
  • Manages customs documentation to expedite shipment across borders

Refrigerated Freight

LGI works an array of carriers providing refrigerated trucks to deliver your chemicals and liquid bulk. Refrigerated trucks provide insulated, temperature-controlled trailers that provide the critical environment to keep chemicals and other liquid bulk stable and safe.

Less Than Truckload (LTL) Shipping

LGI offers reliable, on-time, cost-effective shipping of partial loads of cargo. To lower your freight cost, LGI coordinates and combines several LTL shipments from different companies to create a full truckload. As a premier LTL broker, LGI works with an extensive network of carriers that have the resources and flexibility to carry partial truckloads to and from anywhere in the United StatesCanada or Mexico.

LGI experienced staff manages all variables - pick-up, customs management and permits – to ensure smooth shipping and safe arrival of your LTL cargo.

Providing the Best Trucking Service

Combining years of experience with a staff of dedicated professionals, LGI expertly manages all your transportation needs, ensuring your freight and cargo gets delivered safely and swiftly. LGI’s team works with a network of 11,000 carriers that meet stringent standards of professionalism and promptness, and handles all other aspects of transporting what you need moved where it needs to be moved when it needs to be moved. LGI’s experts:

  • Select best carrier for your freight or cargo
  • Plan optimal, efficient routes
  • Obtain necessary permits
  • Coordinate support services, such as escorts
  • Secure customs documentation and information for international shipments
  • Track and monitor progress of your shipments