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Heavy Haul Transportation & heavy Haul trucking Services are provided by LGI Inc. throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada.
Our experience in handling heavy haul transportation projects and cross-country over-sized freight and over-dimensional transport is second to none. We have the capabilities of getting your cargo to its destination on time and within budget.
You can hear in our industry one common statement: “Heavy-haul transport isn’t easy, and it isn’t for everyone”. At LGI, we pride ourselves in focusing on that segment of the logistics market.
No matter how large you specialized freight transport project, LGI has the resources to ensure a quality transport solution every time.

On our website, you will find case studies including videos, pictures and commentaries of actual heavy haul loads and other heavy haul trucking with an overview of the challenges, equipment, permits, etc required to get the job done in a timely, affordable and safe manner.

Heavy haul equipment
, heavy haul transport, heavy haulers, heavy haul trucking, heavy haul transportation and oversized hauling, as you know each one of these require a thorough attention to details, it is vital to work with a transportation company dedicated to working with heavy haul requirements which includes permits, safety, personnel and equipment, but also experience as well as a track record of demanding clients.

LGI Inc, was entrusted by some of the most demanding clients including the Vatican -John Paul II Expo-, the NFL’s Houston Texans, David Copperfield World Tour, Lockheed Martin Military, Princess Diana Exhibit, The Titanic World Expo, as well as Shell Oil Company, Pemex Oil Rig, Madisonville Midstream Plant, Nabors 805 Rig move, Bauer Drilling Rig, Five 90,000 Gallon Storage Tanks, and the list goes on here Heavy Haul Transportation Projects

At LGI Inc we focus on hauling pharaonic loads, and we do it with focus and expertise, so that when work together on your project, you don’t hire movers, you team up with professionals that secure your project and deliver peace of mind from planing until the timely and successful delivery.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a one stop solution for all their heavy haul needs by offering worry free transport with the support and expertise our team of oversized transport professionals.

With a thorough attention to detail, We will obtain all required permits, necessary route approvals, appropriate escorts, safest routes etc.

For years, our Heavy Haul Transportation division made the commitment to focus in the overload hauling, over-dimensional transport, heavy haul trucking and specialized freight transport market, within the US, but also to Canada and Mexico.

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Logistics Group International is a privately held, Houston Heavy Haul third-party logistics provider headquartered in Houston ,TX. We are a diverse group with the core principle of exceeding our customers’ expectations every time our services are needed.


Our mission is to provide complete logistics solutions where transportation is key. From the smallest shipment to the most complex of project moves, we manage every aspect from beginning.


Logistics Group Internationals is in the business of freight arrangement primarily by truck, rail or barge within the United States, Mexico and Canada. We service clients in a variety of industries, such as: Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Manufacturing, Mining & Construction.


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Domestic Freight Arrangement

When it comes to over-the-road, you want it to be clean and simple-get it from Point A to Point B. That’s why so many of our clients

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LGI has partnered with one of the leading supplier of spreader systems, rigging and lifting gear, and crane lifting plan design and consulting services. Heavy Haul Trucking Specialist

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LTL / Partial Truckload

We have tariffs established with some of the nation’s largest regulated LTL carriers. If you ship LTL then LGI is your solution.

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Door to Door Mexico Transport

LGI has established contacts on both sides of the border to allow for quick response to your Mexico freight and trucking needs.

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Heavy Haul

LGI, Inc. is nationally recognized for Heavy Haul Trucking Services and provides logistical solutions for simple to complex heavy haul projects.

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