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Port of Houston - Truckers Registration Program

Tuesday February 07, 2017

Logistics Group International

Port of Houston - Have you registered?



Effective February 6, 2017 the Port of Houston implemented its Truckers Registration Program.  Any truck entering the Bayport Container Terminal and Barbour’s Cut at the Port of Houston will need to be registered.

According to the Port of Houston authority, “This program will further improve port gate security measures and provide an interchange of communication for our customers. Truckers will be able to manage their fleet changes and proceed with their gate transactions in an efficient, timely manner.”

Registration is straightforward and can be found here:


You can also view the instructions on how to register with the Port of Houston on YouTube:


If you do not have a LYNX account, please visit Port of Houston to register for an account.

Contact: 281.291.6011 or email: emcintosh@poha.com for more information

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