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Heavy Haul Trucking by LGI, Inc. Houston Based Specialized Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy Haul is the transportation of oversize, large dimension and usually Heavy Cargo through Heavy Hauling Transportation.

LGI, Inc. is nationally recognized for Heal Haul Trucking Services and provides logistical solutions for simple to complex heavy hauling trucking projects.

Heavy Hauling Services are provided by LGI to throughout United States, Mexico, and Canada. Our experience in handling Mexico heavy haul projects and cross-country freight shipping is second to none. We have the capabilities of getting your cargo to its destination on time and within budget. No matter how small or how large the project, LGI has the resources to ensure a quality transport solution every time. We are one among the US based Heavy Haul Trucking companies who completely believe in serving the best customer service to our client.

LGI takes the guesswork out of Heavy Haul as well as international shipping. We provide clients with the tools necessary to clear customs without delay or unnecessary charges and U.S. and Mexican customs brokerage, bridge-crossing services and digital cargo inspection.

Specialized Heavy Equipment Hauling and Transport Services

Specialized Heavy Haul shipments are just that, “specialized.” It takes a certain type of company to handle oversize shipments. A heavy hauler involves enclosed or flatbed trailers with multiple wheels, some which may be independently steered. Some Heavy Haul projects may require several trailers. LGI handles the shipments many other companies will not. No matter the size or weight, LGI has the experience and knowledge of specialized transportation needed to offer a transport solution to your oversize shipment in the Heavy Haul Transport industry.

Partial Truckload Shipping

In addition to your full truckload shipments, LGI can handle all your Partial Truckload Shipping. We have tariffs established with some of the nation’s largest regulated LTL carriers. If you ship LTL then LGI is your solution.

International Shipping

Logistics Group International is a valuable partner for you Domestic and International shipping team. We offer services solutions for state to state shipping, heavy haul capabilities, overseas shipping and shipping freight from the U.S. to Canada and Mexico including shipping by Rail, Trucks and Shipping Logistics. We provide transportation solutions to meet the demanding needs in global shipping, over the road trucking, ocean freight and air cargo.

As a freight shipping and heavy haul company we establish partnerships with our clients, listening and observing so we understand your cargo transport needs before we recommend a logistics solution, whether it be air cargo, freight trucking, ocean transport, or a special heavy haul load trucking project combining several modes of transportation. Our specialty is heavy haul trucks transport in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Heavy Haul Trucking

Third Party Transport and Shipping

LGI offers transportation management services for third party transport and service supply chain transport, freight shipping projects, and global distribution logistics.


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